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Martin Pool

welcome garyvdm!

Gary van der Merwe, a long-standing bzr and qbzr contributor, is the newest bzr pqm committer.

Martin Pool


Neil Martinsen-Burrell just announced MCREPOGEN, a tool to generate random version control histories for Bazaar or anything that can read the fastimport format.

It uses a Markov Chain model where the states are directory trees and various changes to the tree have associated probabilities. The intent is that by giving complete control over the characteristics of the history, performance testing of different aspects of VCS can be improved.

Ian Clatworthy

Bazaar Survival Guide progress

As part of my drive to make it easier for users to switch to Bazaar, I’ve been working with some of our community members on a Bazaar Survival Guide, a manual explaining Bazaar to refugees of other tools in terms they already know. We now have sections for CVS, Subversion, Mercurial, Darcs, Monotone and ClearCase users. Hopefully, we’ll have sections soon for other popular tools.

A huge thanks to everyone who has helped with this! I think it is coming along nicely.

Ian Clatworthy

Ten reasons to switch to Bazaar

Are you a Bazaar fan and need some help explaining to others why Bazaar is cool? I published a document last week called Why switch to Bazaar? that may help. I’ve tried hard to present the big picture together with some concrete examples, explaining what we stand for and what that means to users, teams and communities in reality. Furthermore, if you tried Bazaar 1.x but found it too slow or inefficient, I’m sure you’ll find the Bazaar 2.0 benchmarks included in the document great news.

I hope you find the document interesting and food for thought. If there are any mistakes or you’ll like to translate the document to another language, please let me know.

Ian Clatworthy

Bazaar's cross-platform appeal

I’ve been looking into our user base in recent days. The results are pretty pleasing: solid numbers of adopters on both Ubuntu and Windows. All up, I estimate we have 80-100k users by the time other operating systems are taken into account.


Martin Pool

bzr size benchmarks

Ian posted some numbers on bzr repository size vs hg and git. The short story: bzr’s 2.0 format is better than hg on every project tested, and within epsilon for git.